Neusus Upcycling 

Alternative products for tyre recycling

We can finally enjoy sustainable transport. Electric cars, eco gear option, LED lights... but have you wondered what happens to tires?

Now it's time to bet on recycling  them, otherwise, they could be highly polluting.


What happens when the tires are not recycled?

A tire needs large amounts of energy to be manufactured (1/2 barrel of crude oil to make a single truck tire!), and causes, if not properly recycled, an extremely significant environmental impact.

When a tyre is not managed properly, it is usually dumped in landfills (controlled or not...) where they accumulate in huge quantities, with the consequent risk of fire (toxic gases to the atmosphere and oils to the ground) or the proliferation of rodent and insect pests, which can transmit diseases to the population...

And what do we do with tires?

We transform end-of-life-tires into beautiful figures, games and logos.

You See? You help us, we help you.

Thus, we can remain faithful to our commitment to the environment and society, actively participating and collaborating in the social environment in which it develops its activity. 


#NewTrees4Life is one of our goals to reduce the carbon footprint of RMD's industrial activity. Thus, for every Neususus item we sell, we commit to planting a tree. We have already planted more than 16,000 trees in the vicinity of our plant in Ardoncino.

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